Cover Girl

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Brenda Barrera, the editor of Washington Running Report. She told me that she got my contact information from the organizers of the Veterans Day 10K that we ran. She asked me to contact her as soon as I could because she had “exciting news” for me. I had no idea what this exciting news may be, but I knew that Washington Running Report was a well known running magazine in this area. I thought maybe they had a picture of us running in our Mr. and Mrs. shirts that they were putting in a race report about the Veterans Day 10K or something.

Once I got on the phone with her, I was shocked when she told me that they wanted to put a photo of me from the race on the COVER of the January/February issue. She said they looked through thousands of photos of local races and had decided on mine because it was a great picture and I represented a demographic that they wanted to put on the cover that month. I could not believe it!!! She said she looked for one that had both me and Kevin in it but the race photographers didn’t get any unfortunately 😦 She asked me a few questions for the blurb that would be inside the magazine and then told me that she would send me a copy in the mail when it came out.

Fast forward two weeks while I was at home for Christmas. I had ‘liked’ Washington Running Report on Facebook, and one morning I saw that they had posted a status and their profile picture had changed to my cover! I freaked out and immediately enlarged it to see what it looked like. Here it is!

It was so cool to see myself on the cover of a magazine. My running is very average compared to all the runners there are in the world, so I know this is the closest I will ever get to being a famous runner. I felt honored and very excited!

When Kevin and I got back to Virginia after the holidays we checked the mail and we had received a copy of the magazine! It was so weird to open my mailbox and see myself inside.

I opened it up and read the little blurb they had put in there about the cover photo. It gave a little information about Kevin and myself and how we run together. I kind of wish it had said that we had just gotten married, to explain why I was wearing a shirt that said Mrs! But still very cool!

The digital issue can be found on their website, and their magazine is in many running stores, fitness clubs, recreation centers, bike stores, etc., around D.C., Virginia, and Maryland. I went to my local running store to pick up some compression socks and they had a huge stack of them there. They gave me about 15 to take home with me 🙂 I know it’s only a local magazine, but still so awesome that they chose to put me on the cover. I feel so lucky!


8 responses to “Cover Girl

  1. That is really exciting! And congratulations on the wedding!

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