Recap of 2011, Goals for 2012


I am so excited for 2012. I have a lot of goals for this year and a lot to look forward to. But before I talk about what’s in store for the future, I want to look back at what could be the best year of my life so far: 2011.


2011 didn’t start off the best.  I was driving into my apartment complex after work one day when a truck backed out of a parking spot at full speed and slammed into the side of my little blue Honda Civic.

Unfortunately, the impact bent the frame of my car, which totalled it. I was upset because it was in great condition, had very low mileage on it, and was paid off. The accident led me to make my biggest purchase to this date, a new Toyota Corolla that I named Baby Beluga 🙂

We also had a bunch of snow/ice in January, which led to a few amazing days off from school. One of our snow days we joined our gym. I’m so thankful that we decided to join Sport & Health. It’s helped me expand my horizons so much beyond just running and made me stronger.


This month we ran a Couples 5K around Valentines Day, where we had to run and finish together We finished in 24:44 and had so much fun wearing cheesy matching shirts!

On Valentine’s Day Kevin surprised me at school with flowers and chocolate 🙂

My best friend Christy came to Virginia to visit and came to a bridal expo with me!

And Kevin got four impacted wisdom teeth extracted…


We were deep into marathon training this month to prepare for the Country Music Marathon in April.  Most of our weekends involved this:

My baby sister turned 21 and we went to Pennsylvania to celebrate with her!

We missed the start of the National Half Marathon due to horrible traffic, then we both ran amazing races and PRed! Kevin took 10 minutes off his previous time and I took off 6!


I went to Virginia Beach for a friend’s bachelorette party, and managed to sneak in a run on the beach – my favorite!!!

We went to Nashville with our friends and Kevin’s family for the Country Music Marathon – Kevin’s first one!


I started my blog!!!

We celebrated one year of being engaged by going back to the Mystery Dinner Theatre where Kevin proposed.

Celebrated my cousin’s wedding with my family.

Listened to some good country music at WMZQ Fest!

And took a trip to Myrtle Beach for Memorial Day Weekend. We even ran a random 5K while we were there and placed in our age groups!


We ran the Warrior Dash and got really, really dirty!

Another summer concert – this one was Rascal Flatts (one of our favorites!)


Marathon training in full swing once again! We had some good runs and some very bad runs this month.

Another concert! Darius Rucker with friends 🙂 He sings our song “History in the Making” so it was awesome to hear him live.

We went back to Myrtle Beach for a few days.

And I went to Baltimore for my good friend Cynthia’s bachelorette party!


My friends and family threw me an amazing bridal shower.

I was able to spend a couple days with one of my best friends Ashley at the Jersey Shore.

We went to two weddings and helped some great friends celebrate their marriages.

I outran Hurricane Irene on my last 20 mile run before the Air Force Marathon!


We had a big flood that closed schools after only being back in school for 3 days.

One final concert – Toby Keith!

We ran the Air Force Marathon in Dayton, Ohio and finished hand-in-hand in 4:00:04! I finally got my 4 hour marathon after 7 attempts!

And I went to my first Steelers game when we decided to spontaneously take a detour through Pittsburgh on the way home from Ohio.


I turned 25!

And I spent my birthday weekend in Atlantic City with my friends for my bachelorette party!

We went on our annual trip to French Creek with my family, and Kevin came along for the first time.

We both PRed and placed in a small local 5K for Autism!

And we had some fun on Halloween!


Definitely the best month of the year! We finally got married!

We ran our first race as husband and wife.

We went to Costa Rica and had the best honeymoon.


I ran the Hot Chocolate 15K with friends from my school [recap is coming soon!]

I got a new tattoo!

We went to many, many holiday parties.

I received a very special copy of the Washington Running Report in the mail [more on this to come in another post!]

We celebrated our third Christmas together, and our first as a married couple!

One of my favorite parts of the holidays this year was going home to Pennsylvania to spend Christmas with my family and friends.

Finally, we ended 2011 at my in-law’s house with friends and family.

Wow, what a year!!!

Goals for 2012

I had such a great year in 2011, but now it’s time to look towards the future. I’m a big goal setter so I wanted to set some goals for things I want to accomplish this year. Goals [not resolutions] help keep me motivated and give me something to work for. Here they are:

  • Complete my first ultra-marathon in March. Training is going really well so far. I’ll be writing a post about what I’m doing soon.
  • Run a marathon in LESS THAN 4 hours. My current PR is 4:00:04. I am going to try to do this is either May or June. Yes, I am currently signed up for 3 races of 26.2 miles or longer from March – June! I’ll be writing about that soon too (I have a lot to catch up on, obviously!)
  • Be active in other ways than just running. I was much better at this in 2011 than I have ever been before, but I want to do more this year. Yoga, strength training, swimming, cycling, stretching, foam rolling – I need to incorporate these things into my routine. I’m going to try to do at least 2 things on that list per week in addition to my running.
  • Save money and stick to our new revised budget. Within the next couple of years we want to buy a house and start a family, and obviously both of those things require money! We just redid our budget and we’re going to try hard to stick to it and remember our priorities.
  • Be on time! I don’t know why this is so difficult for me! I am totally committing to getting places on time or early this year.
  • Sleep more. I was so busy with work and grad school last year that my sleep was compromised too much. I could tell it was really affecting me at work and in my running. This year I am shooting for at least 7 hours a night and getting to bed earlier.

I hope everyone has a great year! What goals have you set for yourself?


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