We Did It!


We did it! We ran our hearts out and finished the Air Force Marathon in 4:00:04. I am so proud, and for the first time I can honestly say that I have no regrets about this race. I pushed so hard at the end that I ended up in the medical tent- but more about that later (I am fine now!) I have so much to say about everything, so a full recap will come once I am back home in Virginia.


7 responses to “We Did It!

  1. Great job!!! way to push yourself. Hope you are ok though

  2. I ran at the Air Force Marathon too (I ran the 1/2 though)-what a small world! Great Job! I am also a teacher too! My students were all excited for me. I hope your students are proud of you too!

    • Congrats on your half!! I loved this race and just wrote a full recap on it! I always talk to my students about running and I relate it to setting goals and working towards reaching them. Do you have a blog too?

  3. I do have a blog (http://rambleandrun.blogspot.com), but have not been very faithful at writing. I regret not recounting my journey to the Dayton Air Force 1/2 Marathon because it was an incredible experience with much learned on my part. Thank you for inspiring me to keep writing, because just maybe someone would like to read.

  4. I will, thank you!

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