A Crazy Week

Oops. I am a day late with my weekly run down post. This has been quite the week! I am a teacher and it was our first week back to school with the kids, which was exhausting. In addition to teaching the kids, I am working on getting my school’s new book room set up and organized, AND I am teaching a professional development class for teachers after school on Wednesdays. To top it all off we had horrible weather all week- tons and tons of rain! All the rain led to some pretty horrible flooding in my area on Thursday night. I left my house to go to Body Pump around 5:45, and while I was there the rain really picked up. The group exercise room is covered in huge windows so I was able to see that the rain was coming down hard and didn’t let up the entire time I was there.

When I left the gym at 7:00 it was so bad it was difficult to drive and the water was collecting on the roads. I only live two miles from the gym and I only drove a mile before I was stopped by a police officer who told me the road to my house was closed. I live on a major road (Route 1) and the only way to get into my neighborhood is by taking that road. He said that the water was so deep on the stretch of the road that goes right past my house that they had to close it down.  I live at the bottom of a pretty large hill, and apparently people had tried to drive through the deep water and had gotten stuck. The next thing I knew there were firetrucks and police cars with rescue boats on top of them. The water was rising so quickly and everywhere I drove cars were getting stuck and boats had to go rescue the people that were inside. It was seriously INSANE to see boats floating down the street that I usually drive on.

Here is a video that someone took right by my street earlier that night. You can see it’s starting to get bad!

So I tried to re-route myself and get home another way but the water was so high it was hard to move and cars kept getting stuck. I finally got back to my street coming from the opposite direction, and I was able to sneak by and get into my neighborhood even though most of the street was still closed.  I was so relieved to be back home safe, but we listened to the police scanner all night and it was pretty scary stuff. Some people drowned, neighborhoods were evacuated, businesses were destroyed, and many people in the trailer park next to our apartment complex had to be rescued from their roofs because the water had gotten so high.

The trailer park is behind those trees and down a hill

I woke up the next morning to news that schools were closed  because there was too much standing water and it would have been too difficult to get to and from school. The buildings also needed to be checked for water damage and safety. I also woke up to news that we would have to boil our water until Monday, because the area I live in was hit pretty hard and there was risk of contaminants in the water.

This is a road!


By Friday afternoon we had sunny skies once again, but many people in my town were left without homes and lost many of their belongings. We went for a run on Saturday morning and ran right through a lot of what the flood left behind. It was really sad and it’s going to take some time to clean up from the damage.

Despite a rough start, the rest of the weekend was great. We watched football, went to a Toby Keith concert, working on a few wedding projects (less than 2 months to go!) and celebrated some birthdays! Today is Kevin and his mom’s birthday! He was a great birthday present for his mom 24 years ago 🙂

Weekly Run Down:

  • Monday: Body Pump (1 hour)
  • Tuesday: 4 mile run (39:14 / 9:48 pace)
  • Wednesday: 5 mile tempo run; warm up, 3 miles @ 7:47, cool down
  • Thursday: 4 mile run (38:23 / 9:35 pace) + Body Pump (1 hour)
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: 7.5 mile run (1:11:10 / 9:29 pace)
  • Sunday: Rest
This is going to be another crazy busy week. On top of my regular school and home responsibilities my grad classes start up again. I can’t wait for Friday morning when we depart for Dayton for the marathon! I just hope this week is a little less dramatic than last week!

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