Me According to My Cell Phone Pictures

Healthy Tipping Point, written by one of my favorite bloggers Caitlin, is the first blog I started reading regularly a few years ago. Caitlin is a great athlete and role model- she’s a runner and triathlete, started the Operation Beautiful movement, AND published a book about it! Anyway, aside from being awesome and successful she’s also really funny and I enjoy reading her blog daily. She wrote a post last week about her life as told by the pictures she’s taken on her phone over the last two years. When I read this post it got me thinking. What would a stranger think if they looked through the pictures on my phone? I knew I had to follow her lead and do the same!

I looked through the 199 pictures I have taken on my phone since I got it in November 2010, and here is what I’ve learned about myself (besides that I take A LOT of pictures!)

I used to look like a little boy.

My fiance looks good in ugly Christmas sweaters.

I’ll do crazy things for love, like wear a Steelers sweatshirt (I’m an Eagles girl!)

I could live off tortilla chips and wine.

I notice spelling errors everywhere I go.

My students are the best. (That says, “Maybe he crazy”)

I’m a vegetarian with a sense of humor.

Sometimes I just need good old fashioned Kraft mac & cheese (eaten out of tupperware).

I have bad luck with car accidents that aren’t my fault!

I love to rock my No Meat Athlete shirt.

We need a lot of stuff for long runs.

We own a lot of sneakers.

I have a million pictures exactly like this one.

I am 24 and I still get an Easter basket 🙂

I’m not the only crazy one!

Breakfast for dinner is awesome.

I like to dress up in costumes.


I see some crazy animals while running.

It’s impossible to take a good picture of myself while running.

I can conquer my fears (of weeping willow trees).

I like to get dirty.

I can make an amazing peanut butter pie.

We’re published… In our photographer’s portfolio book 🙂

I can’t wait to get married.

I enjoy bachelorette parties.

I love my little sister.

Running on the beach is my idea of paradise.

That was so fun for me! I think my cell phone pictures are a pretty accurate representation of who I am. Hopefully you were able to learn something new 🙂

Good night!


3 responses to “Me According to My Cell Phone Pictures

  1. This is super cute 🙂

  2. I like the random facts 🙂

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