Out of My Comfort Zone – Zumba

Today after school I tried Zumba for the first time. I wrote before about how I want to take my month off from training to try new things, and after last week’s successful spinning class experience I was feeling adventurous. I am a teacher, and our guidance counselor invited a Zumba instructor to my school to have a class with the teachers. About 13 other teachers came and it was SO MUCH FUN!

I was a little nervous about it at first, because I knew that Zumba is a Latin dance based fitness class and I am VERY uncoordinated and have zero rhythm. I also underestimated how much of a workout it would be! I ran this morning (4 miles) and I was really feeling it in my legs this afternoon. They may have also been a little tired from hours of dancing in heels at the wedding on Saturday night…. 🙂

Within 10 minutes I felt much less intimidated and was starting to sweat up a storm! Our instructor was full of energy and her personality helped me loosen up a bit. I just tried to follow her lead and keep my body moving. I couldn’t quite match her awesome sexy moves but I tried! She played all Spanish music which was fun and different. Before I knew it the hour was up and all the teachers were sweaty and (most) were smiling!

It was awesome to try another new type of exercise. I am learning that I do like to do things other than running! The instructor is going to continue to come every Monday and some Thursdays, and I am going to try to keep going. We are also planning to go to spin class again this Wednesday, and I can’t wait!

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