Out of My Comfort Zone – Spinning

On Wednesday night I went to my first spin class. I have wanted to try it for a while and when I joined my gym in January I was excited to see they offered spin classes regularly. However, with running 5 days a week and higher mileage than ever before, I felt like I didn’t have the time or extra energy to spend on things like spinning. Now that I have a break from marathon training (my next cycle starts on May 30th), I knew that now would be the perfect time to give it a try. I was hoping that I would like it and get into the routine of going to classes so that I continue it during the next cycle of training. I know that cross-training is important but it always gets pushed to the back burner, because running is my true love and it’s what I enjoy doing the most.

Well, after my first spin class I am excited to share that my first love may have some competition. I LOVED it!!!! Kevin and I went in feeling nervous and inexperienced. I had heard stories about how tough it is, how you drip sweat the entire time and how it pushes your legs and body to complete exhaustion. I learned that all of that was true within the first 10 minutes of the hour long class. Our instructor was super helpful and motivating. She played awesome music and made encouraging comments the entire time. She taught us about the different hand and body positions, resistance levels, jumps, sprints, intervals, and everything else cycle-related. It was very, very challenging and it made me feel strong and invigorated. The hour went by quickly and we left totally energized and in love with spinning.

I’m so glad that I went out of my comfort zone to try something new. I really want to make spin classes a part of my routine. I think if I went to even one class a week it would improve my running and make me stronger overall. I’m looking forward to summertime when school is out and I can go to some morning classes. I already can’t wait to go again!

The next “out of my comfort zone” challenge that I will be trying is Zumba. There is a lady coming to school at 4 pm on Monday to do Zumba with the teachers. I’m excited to try it. I feel like I am discovering a whole new world of exercise beyond running!


2 responses to “Out of My Comfort Zone – Spinning

  1. Zumba is so fun!!

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